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Silverblackrock is the brand of Davide Dellomonaco, the visual artist from the Zurich Switzerland, combines his interpretations of the system by now also acoustically conveying his art to society. Up to now he has managed to captivate the viewer of his works with color and form Article REGIO 7.Dec.2017.
The performance Adam never exists in the Volkshaus Zurich was the first step towards acoustically uniting his art.
He directed the work, created the set and composed the soundtrack.

Silverblackrock was formed in 2018 and consists of Davide Dellomonaco and changing musicians. The musical journey began with the collaboration of John DiFool, who invited Silver to his music studio in Wetzikon in 2018 to complete the song Never Dies vocally, to be performed on Radio Rasa Live after successful production.
After this experience, Davide Dellomonaco set about his solo project and created SilverBlackRock, influenced by his career as a visual artist.
Silverblackrock comes with a goth-rock sound and captivates with melodic hooks.
Anyone who knows how to channel this concentrated portion of emotion will feel at home in the world of Silverblackrock.

In collaborations, Silver composes the tracks together with the respective artists, which makes the sound so variable and every release a piñata! Various works have already been created in the last 3 years, for example “Feelings” with the opera singer Elly Yun or the latest work “We” with guitarist Ariel F. Rossi. (including live guitarist with The Beauty of Gemina & Musique en route).
Aside from the collaborations, there are the solo tracks by SilverBlackRock that sometimes hit your ear melancholically or energetically.

The music serves different genres, from guitar-heavy riffs to electronic beats and from sentimental-sounding melodies to constructive rhythms, everything is there.
The voice varies depending on the theme of the song, from high to low, from aggressive to loving.
The motivation and the lyrics drift from good human role models to heretical lyrics like the song “Corona Corruption” which even led to a Spotify song ban in 2020.
Even if sometimes the cynicism is not immediately recognizable, some texts should be viewed from different angles.

The SilverBlackRock project will continue to generate spicy tracks in the future and a live performance is planned!